Housing associations

Housing associations

These are organizations that are dedicated to providing financial and legal aid and facilities to people who want to buy a home, but need a boost to do so.

Housing Associations have become very popular in the UK; These institutions have independent and non-profit characteristics; They are mainly dedicated to favoring the neediest people, in order to provide them with a better quality of life.

To buy a home in the United Kingdom you need a large amount of money, in addition to the high price of the houses, there are also many other expenses that in the long run increase the total amount to cancel in such a way, that many buyers it is impossible for them to acquire a place to live.


The Housing Associations emerged as part of the rise of philanthropic organizations dedicated to helping the most deprived.

As time passed, its importance increased, because new regulations prevented municipalities from subsidizing housing directly with local taxes, which led them to transfer their housing stock to this type of association.


The Housing Associations generally have personnel that earn a salary, a committee or Board of Directors that is usually made up of volunteers who do not charge anything for carrying out their tasks and administrative procedures, in addition there are the executive members, who are responsible for the actions that are carried out. carried out in the organization.

A Board can include community representatives, residents, local authorities, businessmen, and members of regional politics.


The Housing Associations offer houses called “social housing” which usually have a lower cost in the market than the other houses that present their offer in the real estate sector.

These institutions are basically the option that people who cannot afford a decent home with all the services have, because their prices are usually extremely high.

These organizations manage a limited budget, which is used to maintain the homes they have available; in order to help with financing plans for the acquisition of new homes, as well as for the relief of some taxes and payments related to the purchase of a property.

Despite being institutions that are classified as independent, they are controlled and regulated by the state, which means that they receive public funds.

Over time, these institutions have become the largest providers of rental homes in the UK.

On the other hand, they also carry out shared ownership plans to help those who cannot buy a property to live.

Types of housing offered by Housing Associations

The alternatives offered by the Housing Associations are of a social nature and one of the most popular is shared property housing, which is the cheapest way to buy a house, since it is bought for a low percentage and a rent is paid reduced on the rest of the amount.

Social homes also represent an alternative, they are generally the only option that some low-income families have, since they only pay a very low rent.

Assisted and specialized housing are another of the options that can be obtained, these are houses that are adapted for people who need special facilities, such as the elderly with mobility problems, disabled people, among other cases.

In this type of home, the essential care and support are provided to residents.

Some of these special facilities are often used as shelters for victims of domestic abuse, homeless people, recovering addicts, among other specific cases.

As has been seen, Housing Associations are a useful alternative for low-income people and dysfunctional families who have had difficulties to form an appropriate home, through which they can have access to a decent home and meet their needs essential.