Purchase solar cells for homes

In these times when humanity is raising awareness about the change of climate on the planet, solar cells for homes become a great option to reduce the ecological footprint, since it is a sustainable alternative to produce electricity and it is ideal to install in homes or businesses, where we spend most of our time.

If you are interested in acquiring this type of electrical system for your home, continue reading.

What types of solar cells for houses are there?

These devices are made up of a set of cells sensitive to lighting, which produce energy from solar radiation, by taking advantage of a photoelectric effect.

When purchasing solar cells for your home, you must be clear that these can vary in quality, product origin and even the type of technology, that is why you need to familiarize yourself with the types that are available in the market.

Thus, you should guide your choice based on criteria such as size, cost and the area where you will place them, since all of them will basically be able to deliver the energy you need.

Monocrystalline solar cells

These are made up of areas covered by a silicon crystal and are recognized by their circular or octagonal shape. Due to their configuration, they are easy to install and are very predictable and uniform in their behavior.

Polycrystalline solar cells

They are made with small crystallized particles. In a cell of this type you can see several areas of crystalline silicon, which are held together by a covalent bond and separated by grain boundaries. These cells have the additional advantage that they are cheaper.

Amorphous solar cells

They are made from silicon that has not been crystallized, leading to dangling bonds and some gaps where recombination can be applied. This gives it a great quality and it can be produced at very low costs.

 solar cells for homes

How do solar cells work?

A solar panel forces electrons and holes to move to the opposite side of the material, instead of recombining with it.

With this, an electromotive force is generated and therefore, tension between the two parts of the material, as occurs in a battery. This generates a permanent electric field, which will allow you to enjoy the electrical energy.

Benefits associated with the use of solar cells

With the use of solar cells for homes, you are not only protecting the environment, but you are also reducing your bill for electricity consumption, achieving savings of even more than 90%.

Solar cells have a guaranteed useful life of more than 40 years, with proper installation and maintenance. It is a clean energy and much cheaper from every point of view.

These solar cells can be installed on any surface, they also work as a thermal insulator, which considerably reduces air conditioning consumption.

How many solar cells do you need at home?

Before buying solar cells, you need to know how much energy you want to generate and in this way you can determine how much solar cells you need.

This calculation is simple, look at your electricity consumption receipt and there you will find all the information about your consumption.

Locate in this receipt the amount of energy used at the time of highest consumption during the day, your solar cells will have to be able to supply this amount of energy.

This way of producing energy is currently the most easily accessible option for generating long-term sustainable electricity. Solar cells are becoming easier and more profitable to acquire, which gives you a great opportunity to have a smaller and smaller ecological footprint and thus make a contribution to nature without impairing your quality of life.

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